Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Garbage and destruction

UPDATE: Just talked to the Lockhaven manager. She says that they hired someone to clean up the garbage strewn about, and some of the loose papers have in face been cleared. This does nothing to address the larger problem of the condition of the buildings. She says construction is supposed to start back up this week, and that there will be multiple crews working on the site at once to expedite the process. I explained that we tenants--being given the boot while the buildings we live in hang in tatters--feel that we're under attack, and that we have trouble trusting owners who have already tried to illegally evict nearly two dozen tenants.


Replacement of the siding on some buildings at Lockhaven was begun about a month ago in a chaotic and slipshod fashion. No contractor's name was ever displayed, and the project proceeded seemingly at random, with some buildings ripped apart and then abandoned before other buildings were finished.

Construction has now apparently come to a complete stop, leaving us with unsightly strips hanging from many some buildings, garbage strewn about the grounds, Styrofoam particles ground into the soil, and construction materials piled up in random corners. With the rainy season upon us, how long will the ownership leave buildings exposed to the elements? Management as of this writing has ceased responding to emails and calls.


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