Friday, September 27, 2013

Coverage in My Ballard! Also, comments issue fixed.

Thanks to for this write-up. We've gotten 100+ Facebook mentions from this piece, and some Twitter  action as well. The writer, Danielle Anthony-Goodwin, has pledged to stay on the story, and ends her piece with this invitation to all of us:
If you are or know of a tenant from Lockhaven Apartments email us at and let us know your thoughts.

Know of a building code violation? Want to tell her about how losing your home will affect you or your neighbors? Drop her a line.

Thanks also to our neighbor "haymarketgal," who instructed me how to enable comments for everyone. Try leaving a comment now. She had tried to add this comment to the previous post:

Yes, thank you for your efforts. I was afraid something like this would happen when I heard that Earl and Denise had sold the place and even more afraid when I found out the "Pinnacle Family" was the new owner.
I've lived in my Lockhaven apartment for more than four years. In a more just and cooperative society the first right of refusal when Earl and Denise decided to sell would have gone to the tenants with tax incentives to help us become owners as part of cooperative housing or a condominium conversion. I'll stop dreaming now.
You can stop dreaming, haymarketgal, but don't stop sharing information. 


  1. Congrats on getting that comments issue resolved.

  2. The current Lockhaven management wants us all to sign for a Tenant Relocation Assistance packet. The City of Seattle's web site says: "A tenant household has 30 days to apply for relocation assistance after receiving the Tenant Information Packet." So, if you don't apply within 30 days of signing for the packet then you lose any possible eligibility unless you get an extension. I wonder what's the upside vs. downside of signing for the packet sooner rather than later. I know what the upside is for Pinnacle, but what about us? What's our downside?

  3. I am quite sure I have a representative from both the Tenants Union and the Displacement Coalition to come to the meeting. We should know my tomorrow when the meeting is scheduled.