Saturday, September 28, 2013

Condition of walls becomes dire with heavy rains

The walls of 3015 have been stripped bare for about a month. Under the bare wooden slats is the interior drywall, which is becoming slowly saturated by water with the heavy rains. Though 3015 may be the worst example, other buildings are similarly exposed and dilapidated. I spotted some birds today attempting to nest in the exposed wall material of 3014.

Just now, we talked to a few residents out taking photos and videos of the state of the buildings in the rain today, documentation which they may share with the city. If you've got your own photos, videos, and stories, please send them in. (YouTube links would be best for video.)

What's going on? One theory is that the owners want the building to be condemned, so they can tear it down and build a new one. This is only speculation. But the owners are certainly treating their new investment with inexplicable shabbiness. If the buildings become uninhabitable, it would definitely help them get rid of us faster to make way for newer, richer tenants.

There have been reports that the owners have been fined by the city, but we have been unable to confirm this. Please leave info in the comments or drop us an email:


  1. I believe the building shown in that picture is mine, I'm in the apartment on the top right with the significant damage. Last night I heard some sort of animal my kitchen walls (raccoon or squirrel?). This morning I couldn't detect anything, it may have moved to another part of the building. I'd advise any tenants with the exposed walls to to be on alert for varmints. I reported it to management this morning but I'm not sure what (if any) plan of action is in place.

  2. Watch for Rats. Now that it's raining and cooler and things are all a mess, it's very possible.

  3. yes there are rats at the locks at lest the mowed the lawn for all the tv crews