Friday, February 21, 2014

Press conference a stunning success

Yesterday's press conference was a triumph.

We have already gotten coverage in the following outlets:
A lot came out of this conference. Nick Licata, who helped organize this event and has been a tireless champion of LTU, took to his Facebook page to tell his constituents about  Lockhaven highlight the need for legislative reform at the state level:

This morning, the Lockhaven Tenants Union (LTU) held a press conference to preserve affordable housing in their 138 unit apartment complex in light of a new owner planning to make improvements and increase rents on average from $900 to $1,500.
I attended in support of LTU’s efforts to convince the new owner, GRE, to keep a number of their units affordable to the tenants who are low income.
Unfortunately the state legislature has denied Seattle the right to control or moderate market rental rates. I believe the City Council must address the concerns of the many renters that are being displaced by rising rents.
In the My Ballard account, reader comments have been directed at the perpetrator of Lockhaven's destruction, John Goodman. One reader draws attention to the nature of John Goodman's private residence, just up the street from Lockhaven:
Yes, Goodman owns what used to be Azteca and converted it, against the intent of the Shoreline Management Act…but he is cozy with the City….to non-public access by claiming it also serves as a marina. You will occasionally see a “yachts wanted to moor” sign near the gate. Beyond shady in his real estate practices
This clearly shows how John Goodman is doing damage to his reputation right here in his own neighborhood. We still believe it's possible for John Goodman to be the hero here. But if he goes forward with his plan to destroy Lockhaven and displace its residents, this damage will last much longer than the fancy-colored sidewall he's installing. 
Congratulations to all who worked so hard to make this event happen. No matter what happens, we are winning. We are getting the word out. The world will know what is being perpetrated in our community. Those responsible are not getting away with it. They're being named publically. We have become an example of how to fight back and regain our dignity and community. In some form or another, we will be a permanent part of the effort to fight for housing justice.

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