Thursday, February 6, 2014

Lockhaven on CNN Money

We're making national news now!

Well, kind of. A reporter from CNN money talked to me yesterday and used part of what I said in this story. Unfortunately, he included only the part about how rents are rising, and not the part about how we're fighting back. In fact, he fails to mention the existence of LTU at all, or that, partly thanks to our efforts, treating renters like garbage is becoming politically unpopular, as witnessed by the increasing involvement  in our cause of city and state officials.

We are not passive victims of some abstract forces known as "the market." We are being targeted by the specific actions of specific people, and we are fighting back. At any rate, it's good to get some national exposure, even if it's imperfect. I've written to the reporter and asked him to do a follow-up to cover the other half of this story.

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