Thursday, February 27, 2014

Poison at Lockhaven: An update

On February 12, 2014, the Lockhaven Apartment were visited by Will Perry, Health & Environmental Investigator II, of the King County Public Health department. Mr. Perry's visit came the day after a visit by Bob Angeline, a Washington Department of Commerce Lead-based Paint Compliance & Enforcement Specialist, that was reported earlier. As a result of the February 11 visit by Mr. Angeline GRE Lockhaven's contractors began complying with the lead hazard signage and containment standards. There was a noticeable difference in the workers' efforts to contain and clean hazardous materials released by their work. Nevertheless, according to the results I received today, two of the four samples Mr. Perry collected in or near 3053 NW 56th St. tested positive for lead levels exceeding US Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) Renovation, Repair and Painting Rule lead standards.

A surface dust sample collected in the stairwell at the back door of 3053 #1 contained a lead level of 62.0 µg/ft2, more than 50% higher than the EPA standard of 40 µg/ft2. A second dust sample collected from the opposite side stairwell also contained measurable lead, 26.0 µg/ft2.  A paint chip sample collected outside near the front, courtyard entrance tested positive for lead 1.1%, more than 100% higher than the EPA standard of 0.5%. The only sample that did not contain measurable lead was a dust sample collected from the kitchen floor of one of the occupied apartments.

Now, don't forget, these results came from samples collected only after GRE Lockhaven's contractors started doing their job properly and complying with the law following a visit by Mr. Angeline. Renovation work has been going on at Lockhaven for months with no regulatory oversight and inquiring minds want to know what kinds of toxic exposures resulted from that?

If you are concerned about your exposure to lead as a result of work at Lockhaven and wonder whether you or your family need lead blood testing you may call Will Perry at 206-263-8477. There is no safe lead level for anyone but lead is especially hazardous to children. If you see ongoing work that you think may be resulting in the release of lead or asbestos then please contact one or more of the following agencies:

Washington State Department of Commerce
Tel.: (360) 586-5323
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Puget Sound Clean Air Agency
Tel.: (206) 689-4058
You can also make a complaint online.
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Lead and Asbestos
King County Public Health Department
Tel.: 206-263-8899
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  1. I am concerned about the garden beds soil, which is now contaminated from the stripping of the buildings. Please dont use that soil. Also remember no asbestos exposure is healthy.