Friday, December 20, 2013

Survey for Lockhaven tenants

What is important to you?
Tell us for a meeting with Lockhaven’s owners!

Our tireless work has paid off!  The Lockhaven Tenants Union (LTU) is meeting with the new owners of Lockhaven Apartments early next year!  This meeting came about through the efforts of the LTU, Tenants Union of Washington State, and the offices of Seattle City Councilmember Nick Licata.
Now, we need your help!!!  Please complete a short survey!!!
    •    WHO: Current and former Lockhaven tenants
    •    WHY: Survey results will be used to help us in negotiations with the new owners of Lockhaven. This is your chance to tell us what is important to you. You matter!
    •    WHEN: Complete survey by January 10, 2014.
    •    WHERE: Online (email for URL)  or get at a paper survey at the Lockspot Cafe (3005 NW 54th St).
    •    Questions: Please email the LTU at  
or call Eliana Horn at 206-722-6848 ext 114.
    •    Any personal information you share with the LTU will be kept confidential.

Happy Holidays!
Lockhaven Tenants Union

Community. Dignity. Strength in numbers.


  1. Please post URL on the site

  2. where at the Lockspot are the paper copies, I was there other night and did not see any