Tuesday, December 10, 2013

LTU flyers wrongfully removed from Lockhaven

LTU produced the flyer attached below to raise awareness about what is happening at Lockhaven and posted it on doors throughout the apartment complex.

Today these flyers were wrongfully removed by person(s) unknown.  Management and GRE Lockhaven should be aware of the following law:

Under the Seattle Housing and Building and Maintenance Codes, (SMC 22.206.180), Seattle landlords are prohibited from preventing or discriminating against tenants who are organizing in their buildings. Organizing activities include passing out and posting flyers and information to your neighbors and in common areas, creating connection with your neighbors and inviting them to get involved, and holding meetings that are unattended by management or agents of the landlord in the building. If the landlord takes any undue negative action against a tenant who has participated in one of these organizing activities, it is automatically assumed to be retaliation and is illegal. If you would like more information, or want to report retaliation by your landlord for organizing in your building, contact the Department of Planning and Development at 206-615-0808, or you can file a report online at Filing A Complaint.

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