Friday, December 6, 2013

LTU Pickets Goodman & Developer Friends At Greed Fest

Thursday night, with temperatures dropping below freezing, three LTU supporters held signs and handed out Save-Lockhaven fliers. The event was the "Multifamily Conference", held at the Bell Harbor International Conference Center, Pier 66, Seattle. Scheduled to present for Goodman Real Estate was Don Fosseen (now part owner of Lockhaven), speaking about the "biggest deals of the year". (Could the Lockhaven multifamily roust-out have been one of the big ones?) We reached several dozen conference-goers and handed out quite a few fliers, including some to the Center staff. From those who glanced at the flyer, we could see it was generating interest at various levels and presumed that word of the action would eventually reach our friends at Pinnacle and perhaps even John Goodman himself, although we did not see any familiar faces there. At about the time the traffic was trickling down to zero, the building management politely suggested we leave. We were too cold but to oblige, having accomplished our mission. Special thanks to Stina for media production and all our supporters at the Tenants Union of Washington State.

Evan A. Sugden

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