Tuesday, October 1, 2013

We were on KOMO News tonight

Excellent piece by Lindsay Cohen on KOMO News this evening. We particularly appreciate how Lindsay took the time to talk to us over the course of a couple days, and gathered some of the documents involved. Also, it's fantastic how the story is framed by the anchor as a case of illegal landlord activity.

No news story is going to capture the totality of our story (this one left out the construction mess), but this was a very good story indeed. See it here.

Fantastic job by Beverly Gibson (again) and  Jana Bratton in speaking up for us on camera. Go team!


  1. I feel your pain and distress. The residents of the 1700 block of NW 58th St are dealing with the first "apodment" being built in Ballard. 43 small bedrooms with 6 shared kitchens will replace a single family home that was built in 1909. So far, the demolition and site grading has been fraught will violations of city codes and encroachments of neighbors driveways. We received a portable toilet right across the street from our townhouse and the construction workers leave it unlocked at night.

  2. Spokesperson mentioned is a pr person. What a shitshow.