Friday, October 4, 2013

We have a meeting time

Hey folks, thanks for your patience while we tried to find a good time and place for  a full meeting of Lockhaven tenants. We now have that time and place:

Monday, October 14 

6-8:30 pm

Ballard Senior Center

We'll have a brief statement of what's happened so far, an address from a representative of the Tenants Union of Washington, and a chance for you to ask questions and tell your stories. We have been in touch with several tenants' rights lawyer, and hope to have one there to help us sort out our options.

There will be flyers distributed to announce this meeting, but in the meantime, please share this info with any of your neighbors who may not have internet access. Some people have already submitted agenda items on this blog and on our extra fancy Facebook page. Keep 'em coming. This is your meeting.

Also, please remember that Seattle law explicitly protects the rights of tenants to organize and have meetings without management present. No one should feel any fear about attending and standing with their neighbors.

More details as we know them. Looking forward to meeting those we haven't met already. Oh, and a HUGE thank you to our friends at the Senior Center for generously allowing us to use their space.

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