Tuesday, October 1, 2013

The great cover-up

3015 on Sunday and 3015 today.

Workers have been back the last couple days covering bare walls with JumboTex weather seal paper. Problem is, they've been applying the paper directly over rotten and missing wood. Multiple tenants have confirmed that no work was done on the rotted-out areas. It's almost as if the plan is to simply cover up the damage for the sake of the TV crews that have been here lately (King5 on Sunday, KOMO today). This covering up of rot has taken place on at least two buildings, 3014 and 3015.

It's hard to imagine that the newer, richer tenants Goodman Real Estate is hoping to attract will be pleased to live in walls rotting from the inside.


  1. The city has been notified that mold will be an issue.

    1. I'm really glad you took this pic. We would run into this occasionally when re-doing a bathroom shower at LH. I can assure you this damage is actually caused by a leaking tile shower surround so this damage is actually caused by water from the inside. Meaning whatever you can see from here is actually far worse on the inside. Tile can hide this for a long time which is why it had time to get this bad. This is right where the tub sits. Mold for sure but I think building engineers from the city would most certainly take issue with covering that up as if it didn't exist. This particular building is supported by the perimeter walls and one structural support through the center spine (lengthwise) of the building meaning that corner is very important to the building's overall structural integrity. Add to that the fact that a 1940's cast iron tub filled with water and a person, not to mention the weight of the entire corner of the building, undoubtedly represents the most significant point load (lots of weight resting on a small area) the building has. The tub is mounted to those walls and rests on the floor that is suspended from those walls. If your are taking a bath when the next quake hits or when the walls finally give up the ghost one may find themselves in their downstairs neighbors bathroom if not on the front lawn beneath a cast iron tub.

      Now that you are all on the news I can't imagine a city inspector, who wants to keep their job, helping Pinnacle sweep this under the rug. Pinnacle doesn't want to be on the news and neither does the city so this is probably a good time for a tenant make some calls. Rot like that is serious business. Very serious business.

      I'm so glad you all are taking them to task. I knew Pinnacle was going to be awful but I didn't expect them to be cruel. But all of their pro-forma business models, spreadsheets and analysis could not count, capture or quantify the community spirit of Lockhaven. They never saw it coming. They are on their heels and looking to their spreadsheets for answers that it cannot provide. Their incompetence thus far should suggest you all are way out of their league. Every move they've made has been reckless and they have broken a lot of rules. You may actually be able to hurt this beast and maybe, just maybe, teach it a lesson. Trust me, everyone relevant to this situation at Pinnacle and Goodman Realty is monitoring this blog.

      Good things happen too.............sometimes.

  2. Anisa is either in her first job or being put out to take blame and look stupid.

  3. this is disgusting!!!