Friday, November 22, 2013

Roof work and misinformation

Apparently at the open house hosted by Goodman Realty on Nov. 15, false information was given out regarding roof work. Our neighbor Julie Miller writes:

I thought I'd just keep you all in the loop that I wrote a letter of complaint to Anissa at Pinnacle this morning. I got home last night to find a note on my door saying they would be replacing the roof of our building (3024) starting today and hopefully finishing up 12/12 (quite doubtful since they still haven't finished the siding project on my building despite starting 2 months ago). This is the first I had hear of the roof on our building needing to be replaced. At the meeting at the Senior Center I asked the people doing the renovations if they knew anything about the roof project and they said this is not the time of year to work on roofs. I know it isn't shocking or anything new, but it is disappointing because it impacts the holiday/s. 
Thank you for all that you have done to help make the move out a little less stressful. I know the only reason they have made the changes that they have (such as the tentative timeline & relocation specialist) are because of the pressure from your group!
This morning I did in fact see  roofing material staged on top of 3024. Conditions for any kind work on the roof are particularly treacherous at the moment with workers having to cope with slick, frost-covered shingles:

In other construction-related developments, more tenants have been suddenly deprived of their parking spaces:

Is this the kind of management future tenants of Lockhaven will be getting for their doubled rents?


  1. They have been extremely easy to work with and very responsive to all of our mails and phone inquiries. We had a few concerns which they dealt in a complete professional manner.

  2. Re-roofing projects are best done during summer or on dry days with no threat of rain or snow. Hearing that the roofing project took place during the cold season is not good. It can be dangerous for the people working on the roof as it can get slippery. But I sure hope that no accidents happened and that the roof was done perfectly.
    Joann @ AJC Roofing

  3. I can understand how the roofing project was an inconvenience to the tenants. However, I believe that the management decided to re-roof for their safety. I think there's just a lack of proper communication and notification between the tenants and the owners of the place. How's the roofing project coming along? :)

    Tameka Lauricella @ IntegrityWE

  4. I understand your disappointment, David. I think it's the management's failure to inform you of the details of the roofing project. On a positive note, you're ensured that your building's roof won't give you any problem in the future since it's been fixed. Hope the reroofng is already done by now. :)

    Rob Phelan @ MACOfVAandMD