Friday, November 22, 2013

More security lapses: Will management act?

The following note was sent by our neighbors Alexandra Sawyer and Tom Lehmann to Lockhaven management about some truly alarming security lapses:
We live in Lockhaven's 3028 building, which is currently having the siding redone and is about to have the roof replaced. Despite considerable disruption over the course of construction (including several Satudays in a row where the crew has been pounding away at our bedroom walls by 8:00AM, a near-daily metal sawing operation established outside our kitchen window, and general disarray of the premises), we have tried to be patient with the transition and make the best of it. 
However, three issues have recently come to our attention that must be addressed immediately to ensure our building's security:
  • The front door to the 3028 building no longer engages when closed, unless it is pulled shut with a firm tug. Since most folks simply let the door swing shut, it is effectively left unlocked for most of the day. (This was not the case until recently, it appears that the lock is malfunctioning.) Please send one of the staff out to take a look and repair the door as appropriate. 
  • A rock has been left in the building's back door to prop it open several times over the past 2-3 weeks. The siding crew is set up outside the back door and sometimes uses the inside outlets for their power tools (which is understandable), but they need to then remove that rock and close the back door so our building remains secure. Please ensure that they do so.
  • In the course of writing this email, we went downstairs to do laundry and found that the ground-level basement window was wide open with an extension cord coming through. It is 8:00PM and pitch dark outside - no crews are here working. It is unacceptable to have the building left unsecured in this manner, especially given recent reports of a break-in and bike thefts in the basement of another building (3048). 
Please address these issues immediately and follow up to let us know how they have been resolved. Certainly, the other tenants in 3028 would appreciate notice as well. 

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